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The School Library/Resource Centre is located next to B Block.  A Teacher Aide is responsible for the management of resources.  Teachers are responsible for class sessions which should occur on a regular basis.  Children are encouraged to borrow library books which may be taken home to read. 

When books are being borrowed from the library, a scanner needs to be passed over the child’s barcode and the book’s barcode to record the withdrawal.  Children should borrow no more than two books at any one time.  Parents of younger children may also like to borrow books which can be taken home and read to the children.  Students in younger classes may also be asked to provide a library bag in which they can carry home library books. 

All library books must be returned to school during the final week before each vacation commences.  Children should notify their teacher if library books are lost or damaged.  Teachers are asked to ensure that children obey the rules of the library, return books to their correct places on the shelves and leave the furniture arranged neatly on the completion of lessons.